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    About SM Gutters Lancaster LLC

    In 1999, Eric Kurun, owner of SM Gutters Lancaster started his way up from a helper to an installer and to a company owner in 2011. He quickly became very well known to builders and roofing companies.

    Gutter Services

    Traditional K-Gutter

    K-gutter is the traditional rain gutter used on many homes today. The K-gutter is a quality, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain gutter.

    Copper Gutter

    Copper gutters that are properly installed and maintained, most copper can last a homeowner a lifetime. They are very durable and will not corrode as fast as aluminum.

    Leaf Tech Gutter

    Leaf Tech US comes in 5 feet sections which makes it easy to carry up to and handle on the roof. There are two different sizes for different shingle applications.